Private Collections Can Create Characters and Decorate Your Home

October 12, 2021 by No Comments

La Courneuve


An elegant home interior design is indeed the dream of many people, maybe including you, Fimelova. If Bar stool vintage are looking for inspiration about colonial-themed home designs with a touch of luxury, you can take a peek at the contents of the following house designed by Alex Bayusaputro, founder and creative director of Genius Loci.

The combination of room building and furniture placement is indeed an important element in interior design. The house belonging to a well-known doctor in Surabaya has succeeded in being a place to live that is not only comfortable to live in, but also beautiful to look at.

Alex implements unique values in this project, one of which is the placement of the kitchen in the main room because according to him the kitchen area is the ‘heart of the house’ where family members often gather in that area. The kitchen area is also connected to the dining area and outdoor terrace. In addition, the master bedroom is also placed at the very back of the house to get a calmer atmosphere and mood.

The layout of the room is indeed an important element, but Alex said that it is precisely the touch of the owner’s personal collection that makes the entire contents of the house have its own character and charm. If we often travel abroad, whether for vacation or work, we usually return with unique items that can complement the beauty of our homes.
So, what do you think, Fimelova? What character of this house can you inspire for your future home? 3 Decorating Styles from Pinterest

Not felt, just counting the fingers again towards the feast. We have made a checklist for all needs from clothing, kitchen needs and beautiful cakes as treats for guests. Just one more thing, home decoration. On holidays, we usually welcome relatives or relatives who stay in touch to our homes. The house must also be cleaned and arranged beautifully to be comfortable and more confident when the holiday arrives. Choose from three Pinterest styles of FIMELA home decor to inspire redecorating or add sweet touches to your existing home decor. Keep scrolling!
1.Clean Minimalist

Minimalist, so a decoration style that is increasingly loved from year to year. Monochrome color palette, simple accessories and natural curves of home furnishings (tables, chairs or even stairs) are the hallmarks of a minimalist style adapted from this Scandinavian decor style. It’s actually quite easy to create a minimalist feel in the appearance of the room. Choose a neutral wall color such as white or a little gray tone.

Then, decorate the room with a dark colored sofa such as light gray. The rest, give a touch of accessories with dark gradations, such as paintings, plant vases, or simple curved room lights to enhance the minimalist feel in the room. For a fresher accent, place ornamental plants with dark green in the corner of the room.


The rustic style is a design flow that emphasizes the classic sides of the house. Cherish the old times by placing some past items such as a book or an album of memories in the middle of the room. Besides being a classic decoration, it can be a nostalgic entertainment when the family arrives later. Old but gold, rustic style is actually really effortless.

Just replace the sofa cushion cover with a neutral white color, and add various decoration attributes with a brown gradient color. One tip from Fimela, take some small twigs from a tree in the garden, clean and coat them with oil or baby oil, put them in a glass flower vase, voila, a timeless rustic decoration.

3. Colorful

One style for lovers of contrast colors. There is nothing wrong with a colorful decoration style to be applied to the Eid atmosphere later. The main key to this colorful style is not to be afraid to play with color. Because unexpectedly, the combination of contrasting colors can create a cheerful atmosphere that can warm the atmosphere. It’s easy, just replace the sofa cushion cover with a different color for each pillow.

Complete with a beautiful patterned tablecloth and a sweet simple patterned rug. But one thing to watch out for. Leave the wall with a neutral white color so that it is not too full when you add colorful attributes later. When you find the right color combination, any room in your house can be an Instagramable photo spot, you know!

Decorating the house in welcoming the holidays is an exciting routine. In addition to enjoying the new atmosphere at home, this can also be the right time to clean and tidy up the existing home decor attributes. You don’t always have to buy new things, some DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques from the Internet can be learned and applied to make old decorations look like new again. Happy decorating!